Sunday Services
in Wild Wood Park, Vista, CA
1pm except second Sundays
each month.  Come join us
under the trees for inspiring
worship, an encouraging
message and a picnic lunch.
This is a non denominational Bible based church. We welcome and encourage
the presence and works of the Holy Spirit.  All people are welcome.  Prayer is
available for those in need.  We also perform weddings, Christenings and
Christian  counselling services for members of the congregation.  This church
was established by request of our homeless friends who wanted a church
where they could feel free to worship and hear the Word of God without being
judged.  We share the good news of Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christian
fellowship with all who attend.

In the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross we receive
Salvation through
atonement and forgiveness of sin.  In His Word is
Discipleship & learning.  In
prayer and worship is intimacy and growth in our relationship with God. In  
relationship with God is
Transformation as the Holy Spirit works within our
hearts and our lives. As the transformation of our hearts and lives unfolds
Restoration takes place.
Messages and